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I See Me In You is a colorful and engaging book that educates and inspires children about seeing themselves in the image of African American inventors, leaders in science, politics, business, and more, who contributed to making the world better! With illuminating text paired with colorful illustrations, this book highlights inventors such as inventors Dr. Joseph N. Jackson, Osbourne Dorsey, Lydia Newman, Lloyd Ray, politicians President Barack Obama, mathematician Benjamin Banneker, businessman Earl Graves, and many more! The book aims to show boys and girls that they can be whatever they want to be!











Welcome Home Lennox! is a beautifully illustrated book that teaches the values of responsibility, compassion, and respect through an engaging story about a little boy named Gerald who wants a puppy. Gerald’s entire family works together to help him and little sister Juliet understand the importance of these character traits and what they look like in his life. Welcome Home Lennox! can be enjoyed by children and their families and is a great addition to classrooms and schools!

I would highly recommend it! Dr. Deborah Nelson, Ph.D., NCSP, School Psychologist

It’s a given that parents and family members work hard to instill a set of values and positive character traits they desire children to have. Compassion, responsibility, respect, patience, and honesty are just some of the positive character traits they want to instill in children. Welcome Home, Lennox is about a little boy who connects his behavior with positive character traits. His little sister Juliet is by his side watching, and learning from her big brother! 


While learning about the importance of earning things he wants, Gerald teaches his little sister, Juliet, about positive character traits as she watches her big brother, her role model earn his reward! Gerald learns that getting good grades, doing his chores, and being a great big brother are some qualities needed to be rewarded!





With the support of his mom, dad, big sister Jaida, and Aunt Toya, Gerald is able to connect his actions at home and at school with the importance of earning things he wants. This story teaches lessons about decision-making, problem-solving, family support, connecting positive behaviors with rewards, and being a great role model for his little sister!

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