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The Author

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Since she was a little girl, Dr. Michelle Daley loved to write. Her mom encouraged her to journal every day. She continued to write for years, improving her skills, desire, and passion for writing.

One of Dr. Daley's passions is writing children's books. She enjoys writing books about positive affirmations, character traits, leaders, inventors, and history in a fun way! With colorful illustrations and engaging storylines, she aims to captivate and encourage young readers to feel proud and confident about who they are!

Dr. Daley is a native New Yorker with almost 30 years of experience in education. She has experience working with students from all grades, from kindergarten through college. She enjoys mentoring and assisting young scholars in achieving their educational goals. 

Dr. Daley holds a Bachelor's degree in Communications, emphasizing TV production, from Morgan State University, a Master's degree in Special Education, a Master's in Adult and Continuing Education from Coppin State University, and a Doctorate in Urban Educational Leadership from Morgan State University.
Dr. Daley was a special educator who developed positive behavior interventions and support tools to increase student achievement. She has experience in data analysis and interpretation to improve academic performance.​

Dr. Daley believes building bridges and cultivating relationships is the foundation of everything we do, professionally and personally. She believes that only one can move forward with partnerships to achieve goals. 

Dr. Daley, founder of Empowering Leaders of Tomorrow, LLC (ELOTLLC), states, "I love children! I enjoy watching the excitement in their eyes as they listen to a story. Whether in a classroom with their peers or one-on-one with a parent or adult, the chance to stimulate their minds and create opportunities for conversations to connect to a story is priceless!"


Every story has a teachable moment. As an author and an educator, Dr. Daley always attempts to find the hidden treasure in every situation to locate teachable moments. She writes children's books to stimulate interest and further adventurous thoughts. She believes that books should not just tell a story; they should allow the child to reflect on their experiences, connect, and learn from them.

Dr. Daley is a proud member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Incorporated. 

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